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Setting Up Tinkle

Very, simply complete the sign-up process on either our mobile app or website and your business phone system and its new business phone number is ready to use instantly.

Your Tinkle business account and your new business phone number is assigned and set up instantly as part of the sign-up process.

As part of the sign-up process your business will be able to set-up and select:

  • Admin user/users
  • Standard users
  • Choose a call plan for each user
  • Select and purchase any new numbers

Admin users will be able to set up quickly and have access to the following:

  • Add and remove users
  • Create ring groups
  • Select music on hold
  • Voicemail (out of hours service)
  • Call recordings
  • Business call stats
  • Call forwarding
  • Billing

Your new IP business phones will be sent out the next business day (with a 1-2 day lead time) configured and ready to go

No, Tinkle is a simple and easy to use self-service platform that allows anyone to setup their business and users. If you require any support our helpdesk is here to help. You can reach them on

Yes, you can contact our Tinkle support team on and they will be happy to help

Yes, Tinkle works on any reliable and stable internet connection. Your Tinkle care manager as part of the welcome process will test your current internet performance to ensure it will be able to support our service.

Yes, our Tinkle Connect product provides next generation dedicated internet services that can be used to replace your current digital telephone lines or legacy data circuits. Please contact our sales team to discuss this in more detail.

Yes, we can transfer and port your existing business number/s to Tinkle. We are able port most UK landline numbers. The cost to port numbers is £20 + VAT. Please contact Tinkle support on who will be happy to get this porting arranged and set up

The lead time for transferring and porting’s numbers can vary from a minimum of 15-30 working days. Please contact your Tinkle specialist to discuss this in more detail.
Tinkle, can operate on other third party SIP devices but may not offer the full system functionality. Please contact Tinkle support to discuss this in more detail.

Yes, please check out next generation IP Phones here

Admin users are able to change and control the business telephone system. They have access to:

  • Add and remove users
  • Create ring groups
  • Select music on hold
  • Voicemail (out of hours service)
  • Call recordings
  • Business call stats
  • Call forwarding
  • Billing

Standard users will be able to access only their own Tinkle features.

Yes, this could be chargeable depending upon the training requirements (ie, on site, remote and number of people)

Using Tinkle

Tinkle is the complete cloud communications platform for business, that allows your business and its users to work from any device, anywhere on either a mobile, IP desk phone or desktop client using the internet

Yes, Tinkle requires a stable and reliable internet connection to deliver our service. We can test the speed and performance of your current internet connection as part of welcoming you to Tinkle. If you require support on this, please contact or call 0330 3800 352

If your office location loses connectivity to the internet your users can still make and receive calls on their Tinkle mobile app using the 3G/4G network. If there is no mobile data network available your business calls can be forwarded to a fixed line or mobile telephone number using Tinkle Manager.

Yes, Tinkle works well on a mobile data network but we would recommend a 4G connection or strong 3G connection for optimal performance.

The Tinkle mobile app on average uses approximately 1MB of data per minute. Tinkle would advise that users connect to strong reliable WiFi to reduce mobile data consumption.

Very easily, simply download the app on either your mobile or desktop and you will have instant access to make and receive calls from your business phone system. If you have ordered Tinkle IP handsets you can simply plug these into your router and it will allow instant dialling.

Yes, your admin user will have access to add and remove users using Tinkle Manager.

Admin users will have full access to the all users call recordings. Tinkle recommend that if a business is to use our call recording service that they have the legal obligation to announce that their calls are being recorded to their customers. If you have any questions about call recording please contact

Very, simply go into Tinkle Manager and click on the voicemail button where you can make all of these changes
Admin users can add, remove and update the outgoing number presentation for the business.

Yes, Tinkle works on USB/Bluetooth headsets either connected to the Mobile, Desktop or our IP desk phones. Please call one of our Tinkle specialists on 0330 3800 352 or email to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Easily, Tinkle is the complete cloud communications platform that securely connects your business users anywhere, on any device using the internet. Simply download the Tinkle app onto your mobile, desktop from here or plug in one on our next generation IP phones available here to your router at home and you are ready to go instantly.

Tinkle combines all of your devices together under one powerful solution to best suit your users demands.

Tinkle is perfect for a new start business as our on-demand technology and service provides:

  • Enterprise features
  • No contract
  • No set up fees
  • Instant access
  • A business phone number and the ability purchase more
  • Works on any devices (mobile, desktop and IP Desk Phone)
  • Work anywhere (providing you have access to a reliable internet connection)
  • Add and remove users
  • Pick and mix your user call plans
  • Add and remove numbers

Overall, Tinkles grows with your business, allows you to scale up and down, work from anywhere, on any devices, guarantees savings making your business more agile, mobile and flexible from the start.

Tinkles enables, your business to become more cost effective, agile, mobile, flexible and productive that in turn helps it grow. Our on-demand technology and services enable the below benefits to support business growth:

Cost savings

  • In comparison to traditional on-premise phone system and other cloud offerings
  • No costly on-going support and maintenance fees
  • No costly license and card upgrades
  • No costly installations or set up
  • No expensive line rentals using legacy digital voice lines

Visibility and control

  • It allows you to improve your customer experience and service with simple to use call stats and call recording
  • Never miss a business call with easy to use and set use ring groups

Work from anywhere, on any device

  • Allow your users to work from anywhere on any device with built in Disaster Recovery

React quickly to changes in your market

  • Instantly add or remove users and make changes to your system

Tinkle Call Plans, Numbers & Call Rates

Yes, Tinkle provide a free phone number for each business added to Tinkle that can be share amongst all users. You also have the option to purchase additional numbers for your users and business from within the Tinkle app or port/transfer your current business numbers over to Tinkle.

Yes, Tinkle offer access to all UK local, national and most international locations phone numbers. Please check the number section in your Tinkle Manager or contact

Tinkle Unlimited offers unlimited calls to UK landline numbers starting with 01, 02, and 03, UK mobiles on all major UK mobile networks (Vodafone, O2, EE, Three, Virgin Mobile (EE), Asda Mobile (EE) and Tesco Mobile (O2)

Tinkle Anywhere also includes the above and international geographic landline numbers and mobiles where specified on our pricing and rate chart here

All Tinkle are subject to a fair usage policy

No, receiving calls is free of charge

Yes, please see our supported international locations here

Please see our call rates here

Yes, you can easily select and choose the best call plan for each of your business users.

Tinkle takes away the high costs of ownership associated with buying and running traditional business phone systems by:

  • Replacing expensive legacy digital (ISDN) lines
  • Using your existing business internet connection or our dedicated Tinkle Connect service
  • Takes away expensive onsite maintenance and support costs
  • Providing market leading call rates
  • Cost effective flat rate user bundles

Tinkle can typically see savings of anywhere between 50-70 percent for customers who are currently operating a traditional business phone system. Please contact our Tinkle sales team to discuss this in more detail on 0330 3800 352 or

Payment, Billing & Contracts

No, at Tinkle we believe that by delivering the best technology with the highest level of service, we don’t need to tie businesses into long terms contracts. You just need to accept our terms of service.

Our free trial provides your business with full access to all of the Tinkle features including the ability to add and remove users to your trial and 30 minutes of free UK landline and mobile dialling.

Yes, however before you do Tinkle would recommend that you have an operational and reliable internet connection to use our service and you do not cancel your current telecom service until any numbers you wish to retain have successfully ported over to Tinkle.

If you have selected to replace your ISDN lines and upgrade your internet connection using the Tinkle Connect service we will be able to help manage this process for you. If you require any assistance with this please feel free to contact Tinkle on 0330 3800 352.

Yes, we can provide you with Tinkle Connect which is a dedicated next-generation internet service that allows you to connect directly to the Tinkle discuss more please contact one of Tinkle specialists on 0330 3800 352.


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